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l tell you.Thanks! Empty l tell you.Thanks!

Message  SheetaTy le Mer 3 Aoû - 10:06

Hello. Quote:DVD+R but have also used discs from two different spools. I have no problems burning or playing DVD+R that I copied once, but I am experiencing problems when I try to re-copy my burned copy a second time.Find out what the MID codes are from those different spindles of memosux.I'll bet cmags are one of them.That's exactly what the crap media does to people.It makes it harder to re-rip them later. Memosux/HP/Philips/TDK/Imation/Office Max/khypermedia/etc: Majority of their media is low quality. Low quality standards.You have too many errors on your backups!You probably get crc errors- Cyclitical Redundancy Check.When it comes to re-ripping backups and you get that error,it has bad sector/s in the disc and can't get through them. On the Fly would definitely coaster out.Your stand alones may play them perfect,but a dvd-rom drive definitely will pick it out. It needs every byte off of those discs in order to copy it.Try setting dvd decrypter/Tools/Settings:CSS tab: Set it for Brute force.File-I/O tab: Ignore read errors/OK. Then use Mode ISO read to harddrive/Mode ISO write/Locate MDS files/open/OK/and burn. If you still get that error,then you have some major errors. Try running them through a disc scanning program like Nero Speedtest/Kprobe/Plextools/or dvdinfopro.Unrippable backups: Many things can contribute to this:1) Media quality-use taiyo yuden or verbatim.Highest quality dye out ther.2) Use a burn speed that gives you the fewest errors. Crap media has to be burned slower.I get them when I burn quality media too slow.3) Backup target of 4360 mbs. Keeps the burn from reaching outer edge.Low quality stuff may have to be reduced to 4300 mbs.4) No paper/sticker labels.5) No multi-tasking-turn everything off as possible. I don't need the internet when I backup dvds.6) Quality reader to place the files on your hard drive/and a quality burner to help keep the errors down.Keep aware of your firmware version and when newer updates are listed.This firmware controls the writing strategy.7) A clean registry/and no spyware/malware.Run registry scans occasionally8) Keep harddrive/s defragged.The first copy of a dvd you make,you need to keep those errors to a minimum.Too many of those little errors/or in the wrong spots,and you may have trouble re-ripping them. On the fly,or backup to your harddrive again.Quality is the key to success!On the fly is riskier-but I have no problem.Perfect 15 min copies using nero's copy disc.20 min copies using sonic.20 min process when I use DVD Decrypter in Mode ISO read and write-all using 4x burn speed when I do copies that aren't on my harddrives.Backup to harddrive,just like original dvd is safer.HP a1118x-b/athlon 64-3300+/BenQ 1650 BCDC/LG 8163B/Modded Wii/Epson-R300 and Ty Watershields!!!


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